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ISDS is an independent centre in Nigeria that offers training, research and expert consultancy in intellectual disability/learning disability, learning difficulties, developmental disability, mental health and mental illness. Our training courses and research covers conditions such as ADHD, Apert Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Developmental Hearing Loss, Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Fragile X Syndrome, Kernicterus and Language and Speech Difficulties and more.

Online Courses
in Intellectual and Developmental Disability

We offer online courses for individuals, as well as tailor-made courses for organisations looking to improve the capacity of their staff in the area of intellectual and developmental disability, accessibility and inclusion.

Understanding Intellectual Disabilities and Learning Difficulties

This course develops your understanding, knowledge and perception of intellectual and (neuro) developmental disabilities; exploring the basic facts about the causes of disabilities, including historical and contemporary concepts and models of disability, implications of terminologies such as the use of intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and learning difficulties and ways to support individuals.

Inclusion and Participation of Disabled People in Education and Wider Society

This course explores factors and processes that lead to social and educational exclusion of disabled people in our contemporary society; exploring legislations/ public policies in relation to disability and their practical and cultural implications for disabled people, reflecting on ways in which the lives of disabled people might be improved in the ways they are supported with a special focus on Africa today.

Mental Health and Illness Within Spiritual and Scientific Perspectives

This course explores the historical; medical and contemporary definitions of mental health/illness and how policy and practice have changed over time. It examines how spiritual/religious and medical interpretations of mental health and illness influence the subjective experience of mental health/ illness, the diagnosis, and the variety of treatments people access, with lessons from Christianity, Islam and others.

Leadership and Management of Disability Services and Practices

This course covers leadership and management theories in the context of service provision and explores knowledge and understanding of the role of leadership and management in promoting the interests and support for people with disabilities in any aspect of the disability field in African countries. We recommend this course for anyone who is involved in policy-making, advocacy or positions of leadership.

Introduction to Social Research Methods, Field Work Planning and Data Collection

This course develops your understanding of the principles of social research and related philosophical discussions. People who take this course will also develop basic skills in the use of both quantitative and qualitative research techniques and begin to judge what methods and techniques are appropriate to specific research problems/questions. You can also complete an optional research project.

International Conference of Disabilities in Africa
ICDA 2023

The International Conference of Disabilities in Africa (ICDA) is the flagship confrence organised by the International School of Disability Studies (ISDS) every two years, bringing together researchers, academics, policy-makers and stakeholders from across Africa to present findings and best practices across the disability sector.

Registration Now Open

The 2nd International Conference on Disabilities in Africa (ICDA 2021) will be taking place on the 31st of July 2021 online via video presentations due to COVID-19. Register to attend now or submit an abstract if you intend to present. The theme of the ICDA 2021 conference is: “Global Perspectives on Empowerment for Disabled People”. Discussions and conference submissions should focus on various theories, forms and applications of empowerment in the field of disability studies globally and possible implications for disabled people within the African context.

ISDS On-Demand

Missed our conference or webinar? No need to worry. Now you can watch recordings of presentations at your own convenience via ISDS On-Demand, our online media archive.

ICDA 2018

Official conference report, videos of presentations, panel discussions and photographs now available online.

ICDA 2021

Official conference report, videos of presentations, panel discussions and photographs now available online.

Research and Consultancy

At ISDS, we have an experienced and strategic international coalition of disability and social inclusion academics, clinicians, and psychiatrists, who collaboratively or individually work on different disability-related projects in line with the School’s objectives.

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ISDS has worked on research and consultancy projects for several organisations including: