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Although a few non-governmental organisations are working to care for PWDs, there needs to be more programmes to raise awareness about the causes, symptoms and care of learning and physical disabilities in order to improve the attitudes of people towards the disabled in Nigeria and Africa. As such, the International School of Disability Studies was established as the first specialized institution in Nigeria for learning disability research, teaching and learning. By delivering quality education and training to anyone interested in disabilities including but not limited to IDD (students, academics, researchers, families of people with disabilities, carers, health workers and service providers), we aim to improve care standards and public attitudes towards people with disabilities, reducing stigma and enhancing their quality of life. You are welcome to study or partner with ISDS.

At ISDS, we have an experienced and strategic international coalition of disability and social inclusion academics, clinicians, psychiatrists, who collaboratively or individually work on different disability related projects in line with the School’s objectives. We have currently established teams of researchers according to the following research themes: 

Understanding Disability, Promoting Disability Inclusion.

ISDS recently delivered two workshops for Propcom Mai-karfi on disability inclusiveness: one for key stakeholders and the other targeted at Propcom staff. The stakeholders workshop brought together participants from over twenty public and private sector organisations. Both workshops were platforms to sensitise participants on disability, share findings from research and experiences, and consolidate efforts to promoting disability inclusion. At the end of the workshops, participants developed strategies to improve inclusion of people with disabilities in their organisations and projects.

ISDS has worked on research and consultancy projects for several organisations including:

The African Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AJIDD)

Launching soon

The African Journal of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AJIDD) is new publication to be launched by ISDS. The journal would provide an accessible, readable and informative source of data and knowledge for those working in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Special Educational Needs, Mental Health and related subjects with a special focus on Africa. The journal would publish original research, literature reviews, theoretical and empirical papers on topics related to Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Special Educational Needs, Mental Health and Learning Difficulties. AJIDD is to be published by the ISDS and papers published in the journal are freely accessible online for ISDS members and students.

Call for papers

Authors should download our Author Guidelines before submitting an article using the link on this page. Articles submitted should fit one of the following criteria: Research paper, Viewpoint,  Technical paper, Conceptual paper, Case study, Literature review or General book review.