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Our courses are available to everyone, including those without any previous experience in the field of disability studies. All the available courses below can be delivered as a Workshop, Certificate or Diploma, with the exception of the Social Research Methods course only available up to Certificate Level. Students can carry forward credits as they progress from Workshop through to Diploma. We can also offer bespoke training courses to organisations in line with the capacity building needs of their staff and clients.

Understanding Intellectual Disabilities and Learning Difficulties (ISDS901)

This workshop aims to develop people’s understanding, knowledge and perception of intellectual and (neuro) developmental disabilities; exploring the basic facts about the causes of disabilities, including historical and contemporary concepts and models of disability, implications of terminologies such as the use of intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and learning difficulties and ways to support individuals.

Inclusion and Participation of Disabled People in Education and Society (ISDS902)

This workshop aims to explore factors and processes that lead to social and educational exclusion of disabled people in our society; exploring legislations/policies in relation to disability and their practical and cultural implications for disabled people, reflecting on ways in which the lives of disabled people might be improved in the ways they are supported.

Spiritual, Cultural and Scientific Perspectives on Mental Health Conditions (ISDS903)

This workshop aims to explore the historical; medical and contemporary definitions of mental health and how policy and practice have changed over time; simultaneously illuminating the intricate yet close connection between spirituality and mental health from various perspectives. This workshop will also develop an understanding of the way spiritual/religious and medical interpretations of mental health and illness influence the experience of mental illness, the diagnosis, and the variety of treatments people access.

Leadership and Management of Care Services for Disabled People (ISDS904)

This online course is intended for people working, or interested, in any aspect of the disability field in African countries who want to advance their knowledge and understanding of the role of leadership and management in promoting the interests and support for people with disabilities in Africa. The number of participants per workshop will not exceed thirty

Introduction to Social Research Methods - 2 Days Training and Research Project (ISDS905)

This workshop aims to develop people’s understanding of the principles of social research and related philosophical debates; people who take this workshop will also develop basic skills in the use of both quantitative and qualitative research techniques and begin to judge what methods and techniques are appropriate to specific research problems/questions.


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